In the illustrious UK wine competition, the Decanter World Wines Award, our wines received great scores.

Our icon wine Mingre 2019 received a Platinum medal and 97 points. Just 5 wines were awarded this prestigious recognition, with 18,244 wines presented from all over the world. 

Our Canto Sur 2021 received a Gold medal and95 points, while Granito Semillon 2020 received 92 points and a Silver medal.  

Congratulations to the entire team!


After beginning the change to organic and more sustainable management practices a few years ago, we have confirmed the long-awaited beginning of the organic certification process for our Mingre and Santa Rosa estates. In this process, which lasts for three years, we will be joined by Ecocert, one of the most recognized organic certification companies in the world, together with consultant Miguel Elissalt, one of the most experienced consultants in Chile.

Thanks to the natural fertility of our soils and eco-systemic integrated management, the organic practices allow our vines to grow more healthily and for longer, living in harmony with the environment that surrounds them. This new certification will allow us to continue advancing our objectives as a sustainable winery and to offer wines that are made in environmentally-friendly ways.


Wine & Spirits is one of the most prestigious wine magazines in the world. Each year it chooses the most outstanding wineries in the world, determined by the performance of their wines in the blind tastings it carries out during the year. In 2021 it chose Viña Bouchon among the Top 100 best wineries in the world.

In the select group of the most outstanding wineries worldwide, there were only 4 wineries from South America and three of them are from Chile.

In addition to being in the select list of the Top 100 worldwide, it is also remarkable the exceptional results of our wines in the Wine & Spirits tasting panel: País Salvaje 2020, with 95 points, and País Viejo 2020, Best Buy with 92 points.


Buena Junta is a wine made as a group, in which Bouchon invited five well-known Chilean communicators (Francisco Saavedra, María Luisa Godoy, Carlo von Muhlenbrock, Javiera Contador and Jordi Castell) to participate online (via five Instagram streaming chapters) in the process of creating this wine. Participants were challenged to choose in blind tastings the varieties of the blend, to draw the elements of the future label and to propose names for the wine. There was also an active participation of the public, where thousands of people voted and chose the name and the winning label. Buena Junta is a blend of Carmenere and País varieties, with a high intensity of fruity aromas, great structure and a lot of juiciness.  


We have achieved outstanding awards out of 18,000 wines from 56 countries that participated in the Decanter World Wines Awards.

Granito Semillon 2019 and Canto Sur 2020 were awarded a gold medal, a recognition given to only 19 wines from Chile. In turn, of the 3 gold medals awarded to wines from the Maule Valley, two were for our wines, thus ratifying the emblematic position that Bouchon has within this appellation of origin. With silver medals, among the 81 awarded to Chilean wines, are our Block Series Semillon 2019 and Vigno 2018. These awards are a reflection of the great work done by our winemaker Christian Sepúlveda and the whole team.

Technical days for the winemaking team | Innovation

At Viña Bouchon, we are committed to innovation and the constant improvement of all of our winemaking processes and company management.

In order to meet these commitments, this year the winemaking team established monthly technical days with winemaking themes related to the elaboration of wine and the area of viticulture and enology, inviting an expert on the topic for each day. The topic for the first day was the oxygen management during fermentation through bottling.

Viña Bouchon obtains sustainability certification

As one of our pillars is to incorporate sustainability practices in our company, at the end of 2020 we obtained the Sustainability Certification given by Vinos de Chile and certified by the international consultant SGS.

The certification includes an evaluation of our actions related to our vineyards, our cellar, and our social commitments. The objective is to minimize our environmental and social impacts, allowing for attainment of economic benefits as well as the integration of our principles and our sustainable practices in all of our production processes, including our workers, suppliers, clients, and communities.

Decanter Magazine names two Bouchon wines as “Top wines of the year”

Each year, one of the most prestigious wine publications in the world, Decanter UK, nominates the wines that most impressed them during the year.

After the nominations, a panel of experts tastes the wines and evaluates them objectively as a group.

This year the panel was comprised of Andy Howard MW, Beth Willard, and Ronan Sayburn MS, who announced the winners this past 28 December 2020.

Chile had two award winners and these two wines are from Bouchon: Red and Rosé Wine Category: Granito Cabernet Sauvignon/Carménère 2015; and White Wine Category: País Salvaje Blanco 2019.

Bouchon Vineyard unveils its new Canto Sur

A playful and innovative Carménère base blend

Viña Bouchon launched a new Canto Sur, its newest winemaking endeavor that began in 2015, and now has been reinvented, presenting a blend that brings together historic Maule and the newest innovations.

Canto Sur is a blend comprised of Carménère, Carignan, and País grapes, typical varieties from the Maule Valley. The wine is fruity and juicy, and is unoaked so the terroir expression of its origin stands out prominently.

The new Canto Sur uses a greater proportion of Carignan and País grapes, looking for greater freshness and acidity. We also changed the winemaking, with a portion of the grapes fermenting in whole clusters, increasing the fruit expression. The result is a unique red wine, not just  for the grapes in the blend, but also because it’s a totally different Carménère-based blend, much fresher than traditional wines, moving away from the preconceived idea of what this variety can offer.

And it’s not just the wine that’s different, it’s also the bottle. Canto Sur is also debuting a new label, a faithful reflection of Bouchon’s style and concept, as well as the presentation, with a Burgundy-style bottle that is also unusual for a Carménère-based wine.

Ferran Centelles' highest score on for J. Bouchon, Granito, Semillon

In the report “Ferran on Chile – the South” from Ferran Centelles, our J. Bouchon Granito Semillon 2017 received the very high score of 18.5 points out of 20, making it the highest scoring wine of the entire report. This is another score for our Granito Semillon, which continues to receive scores that cement it as a reference for this variety in Chile.

We cannot fail to mention the other scores given by Ferran Centelles: Granite blend 2016 (17 pts), País Salvaje 2018 (16,5 pts) and Las Mercedes Singular Semillon (16 pts).

Viña Bouchon adds a new wine to its portfolio: Block Series Semillon.

After a long soil analysis and winemaking process on the part of our enology team, together with our constant search to produce distinctive wines that express their origin, at the end of July 2020, we launched a new wine in our J. Bouchon Block Series. The wine is the white grape variety Semillon. 
The grapes for this wine come from blocks 1 and 16 of our Batuco estate, one of the coolest spots in the dry-farmed secano interior of the Maule Valley, with the grapes coming from a selection of three polygons within the same vineyard that also produces the grapes for our J. Bouchon Granito Semillon, which has been recognized both nationally and internationally with high scores and praise, including being named Best White Wine in Chile by Tim Atkin (vintage 2018, 98 points).

These vines are 100% dry farmed (no irrigation), planted more than 80 years ago, and are just 30 km from the Pacific Ocean, lending greater freshness to the wines produced here. Christian Sepúlveda,, Bouchon’s winemaker, tells us that “the granitic soils are in an advanced state of decomposition, and are a combination of in situ and transported decomposed granite.”

50 years ago, Semillon was the most widely-planted white variety in Chile, but was then on the point of disappearing before wineries like Bouchon began to produce it for the domestic and international markets starting in the mid-2000s. Bouchon’s Executive Director, Julio Bouchon, tells us that “at Bouchon, we’ve doubled-down on this variety, which represents an important part of Chile’s wine history, as this variety is transforming into one of the white varieties with the greatest potential for making distinctive, high-quality wines in Chile”.

Viña Bouchon winemaker is awarded the prize for CHILEAN WINE INNOVATION

El Mercurio, Chile's largest circulation newspaper, held the ninth version of the Chilean Wine Innovation Award, which recognizes the most innovative projects in Chilean wine production, awarding Christian Sepúlveda, Viña Bouchon's winemaker, as Young Chilean Winemaker.

This award is in addition to the important international and national recognition that Christian has received. The year 2019 was highlighted by the British writer and wine critic Tim Atkin MW as "Best Young Winemaker". In addition, the Círculo de Cronista Gastronómicos y del Vino de Chile distinguished him as Best Winemaker of the Year. These are the awards that this 35-year-old winemaker has received.

Granito Semillon 2018 obtained 98 points and is awarded as "BEST WHITE CHILEAN WHITE".

Viña Bouchon was awarded "Best Chilean White" for its Granito Semillon 2018 wine in the Special Report by Tim Atkin MW 2020, obtaining 98 points.

Bouchon's 98 points for Granito Semillon 2018 marks another milestone: it is the highest score that Tim Atkin has ever given to a Chilean white wine and it is very remarkable that the Semillon variety, planted mostly in old vines, and representing less than 0.5% of the vineyard area in Chile, is awarded.

Granito Semillon 2018 has its origin in Barracks 1 of the Batuco vineyard, Maule Secano Interior, 30 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and 183 meters above sea level. It comes from old vines planted in the 1940s, which do not receive irrigation. It is harvested by hand in mid-March, to be pressed in a vertical press and fermented in barrels. It is then aged for 12 months in French barrels.

12 Viña Bouchon wines score over 90 points in Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Once again the renowned American publication Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, one of the most prestigious in the wine industry, rewards the quality and excellence of our portfolio, in which 12 of our wines were evaluated out of 90 points, highlighting Vigno, Carignan 2018 with 94 points and Granito Semillon 2016 with 93+ points.

Congratulations again to all our team!

Patricio Tapia highlights Bouchon with two best category wines

This year, Bouchon obtained outstanding scores in Guía Descorchados 2020, the guide to the most important wines in Chile and South America. It stood out with two wines Best in Category: Best Semillon (Granito Semillon 2018) and Best Country (País Salvaje Tinto 2019), both with 95 points. Along with this, it stands out with five wines in the Ranking of the Best: Ranking Mejores Maule (País Salvaje Red 2019, Granito Blend 2016, Granito Semillon 2018; all with 95 points), Best Semillon Ranking (Las Mercedes Singular Semillon 2019 (92 points) and finally in Best Super Price Ranking with Reserva Chardonnay 2019 (91 points). Finally, it is worth noting that 18 of the wines presented obtained more than 90 points.

Seminar on Granite Soil Wines of the World

Bouchon organized a seminar on wines from granite soils of Chile and the world. The seminar was moderated by Julio Bouchon and our oenologist Christian Sepúlveda, who together with the geologist Edgar González, the oenologist Roberto Nuñez, from the European winery Comando G, and Marcela Burgos, director of El Conservatorio del Vino, provided studies, knowledge and results with the aim of understanding the soils of granites and then tasting different wines of the world from this type of soils.

Bouchon revealed research that began in 2014 and was carried out on his Mingre estate, resulting in the identification of the different soils in the field.

"With this study we sectored the entire field based on different types of subsoils, after which we harvested, vinified and stored the grapes separately, regardless of the grape variety. That is to say, we harvest by soil, not by barracks as is customary, resulting in granite wine", says Christian Sepúlveda, Chief Winemaker of Viña Bouchon.

País Viejo among the best reds by Decanter Magazine

País Viejo was chosen among the 10 best wines for this autumn in the northern hemisphere by the prestigious English magazine Decanter. The publication highlighted that País Viejo is "one of the most commercially successful Chilean wines made from grapes from old vines.

Historic plantation of heritage strains in Secano

This winter, in our vineyard in Mingre in the Maule Valley, a project was completed that we have been planning for years; the planting of vineyards of the País and Carignan vines in dry (without irrigation) and in head, as was done centuries ago, combining tradition and technology.

These plants were formed with plant material from the area and from centenary vines, which were later nursed. In addition to a rigorous soil preparation, to ensure that the soil had the best conditions for a dry plantation.

James Suckling recognized with 93 points two wines of Bouchon

On the last edition: “Chile´s Tale of Two Cities” by the American wine critic James Suckling, three wines of Bouchon obtained 90+ points: Vignon Carignan 2016 and Granito Semillón 2017 with 93 points. Rosé Reserva obtained 91 points.

Bouchon Family Wines were recognized as one of a handful making vibrant and edgy carignan under the Vigno designation.

Christian Sepulveda: Young winemaker of the year 2018

The winemaker of Viña Bouchon, Christian Sepúlveda, was elected "Young winemaker 2019" at the Tim Atkin report Chile. In addition, in this report Bouchon had an outstanding participation. Of 1,283 wines tasted of 218 Chilean vineyards, Bouchon I had three of its outstanding wines as wine of the Year: the Mercedes Remix 2017, 2015, Granite millon 2017.

Outstanding results in Descorchados 2019

Bouchon had a great performance in Descorchados 2019, the most extend and influential wine ranking in Latin America, obtaining 20 out of 21 wines tasted with 90 or plus points, an average of 92 points, 2 revelation wines and 6 wines in the ranking of best of their category.

Bouchon winemaker chosen among the 100 Young Leaders of 2018

Christian Sepúlveda, Bouchon winemaker, was chosen by national newspaper “El Mercurio” as one of the 100 Young Leaders of Chile 2018. This award was created eleven years ago to distinguish young people, under 35 years old, who have been able to impact their environment with a common purpose: Make Chile a better country. Congratulations!!

País Viejo 2017 recognized within the "100 Best Value Wines" by Wine & Spirits Magazine

Wine & Spirits Magazine, one of the most influential specialized magazines in the United States, awarded 91 points to País Viejo 2017 and recognized it within the "100 Best Value Wines". País Viejo is a wine with history, bright cherry color, which highlights fruity aromas such as strawberry and sour cherry. In the mouth it is juicy, fresh and light, an honest wine that rescues the flavors of yesteryear.

Bouchon was awarded 5 "Wines of the Year" by Tim Atking Chile 2018

Bouchon obtained incredible results from the special report dedicated to Chile, Tim Atkin Chile 2018. Atkin is one of the leading writers of British wine and internationally recognized, who for its report 2018 tasted more than 1,000 wines. All the wines of Bouchon obtained 90 or more points and we were awarded five wines in the ranking of "Wines of the Year". One of the wines of the year was Granito, J. Bouchon, Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere, 2015, which Tim emphasizes has "a bright, serious and deep color, but with a remarkable freshness and a touch of softness, something of granite grip and an opulent fruity flavor. Magnificent! "

Three revelation wine in Descorchados 2018

Viña Bouchon had an outstanding performance in Guía Descorchados 2018, the most extensive wine ranking in Latin America, also published in Argentina, Brazil, and USA.

He had three wines within the category of "Wine Revelation": Skin Las Mercedes 2016 (95 points), a Semillon fermented dried and that had 12 months of storage with his skins, which was also awarded as "Best Semillon"; País Salvaje 2017 (92 points), a juicy wine from the País strain, which was also consecrated awarded as the "Best Value Red Wine"; and Glup, Chenin Blanc 2017 (93 points).

In global terms, 15 Bouchon wines obtained 92 or more points, including 10 wines in the ranking of the best in their category. (Detail of scores in "awards" section)

Julio Bouchon among the top 10 winemakers in South America

Decanter, the UK's most important wine magazine and distributed in more than 90 countries, chose Julio Bouchon as one of the top 10 winemakers in South America. Decanter emphasizes the conviction that Julio Bouchon has had by making wines with grapes of ancient vines, without irrigation, of the coastal zone of the Maule Valley, and of lesser known varieties such as the Carignan, the País and the Semillon.

Bouchon among the 10 wineries to be observed in the world

Wine & Spirits, the renowned American magazine specializing in wines and liquors, chose Viña Bouchon among the 10 wineries in the world to observe. The choice was made by its tasting panel, based on the more than 10,000 imported wines tasted during the year 2017, positioning Viña Bouchon as the only Chilean winery included in the list.

Canto Sur 2016 recognized within the "100 Best Value Wines" by Wine & Spirits Magazine

Wine & Spirits Magazine, one of the most influential specialized magazines in the United States, edited by Joshua Greene, awarded 91 points to Canto Sur 2016 and recognized it within the "100 Best Value Wines". Canto Sur is a fresh wine without wood, elaborated with Carmenere, País and Carignan. To País Salvaje gave 93 points.

Bouchon was awarded two platinum medals at Decanter

Bouchon received two platinum medals – best in the category, by Decanter World Wines Awards 2017, the world's largest wine competition. The award-winning wines were J. Bouchon, Granito, Semillon 2015, which obtained the recognition of "best white wine varietal of Chile, and Las Mercedes, Singular, Semillon 2015, with "Best Value White Wine Varietal Of Chile".
In addition, J. Bouchon Canto Sur 2015 obtained gold medal and 95 points.

Granito Semillon 2015 was recognized as "white wine discovery of the Year"

In his special report dedicated to Chile, Tim Atkin, one of the leading writers of British wine and internationally recognized as an expert on the subject, awarded J. Bouchon Granito, Semillon, 2015 as the "white wine discovery of the year" granting 96 points. Atkin describes it thus: "fermented in old wooden casks, it is the first launching of the impressive Semillon of Bouchon, cultivated (as its name indicates it) in granite soils. The fresh conditions of the Fundo de Batuco, close to the Pacific Ocean, produce a bright wine of rainfed vines of 70 years of age. Silky and spices with hints of cinnamon and vanilla plus a long, mineral finish".

Revelation Winery 2016

We are very proud to share the results of Guía Descorchados 2017, this year we were chosen as "Revelation Winery of the Year"! Descorchados is the most influential wine ranking in Chile, also published in Brazil, Colombia and the United States. Its editor, Patricio Tapia, is also a critic and editor for the magazine Wine & Spirits of New York and Decanter in London. This is a great recognition of the hard work we have been doing in the vineyards and the winery in recent years, allowing us to add innovative wines to our portfolio. In addition to this important recognition, 11 of our wines obtained scores on 90, including the País Salvaje white 2016, which obtained 95 points and was recognized as "Revelation wine"! All the recently launched wines and some still to be launched were very well evaluated, all this makes us feel very proud and enthusiastic about what is to come.

Canto Sur, Best of the competition and best red blend at Decanter

Canto Sur, harvest 2015, was awarded with Platinum Medal – Best in the competition, by Decanter World Wines Awards 2016, the world's largest wine competition. "Best of the Contest" is the most important trophy that delivers this competition, and only received it 35 wines of the more than 16,000 wines tasted in DWWA 2016.
In addition, Canto Sur (which obtained 95 points) was awarded by Decanter as the best red blend under £15 of the competition, making it at the same time a world-class wine and a super best Value.

Las Mercedes, Petit Verdot, among the best 4 Chilean wines

Our Las Mercedes, Petit Verdot 2013, was awarded as one of the 4 Chilean wines with the highest score in the 11th version of the Cordillera's wines, obtaining 91 points of 100. Vinos de Cordillera is a meeting between Chilean and Argentinian winemakers, where the best wines from each country are chosen. Version 2015 summoned more than 80 professionals and included a visit to Maule interior and coast, visiting this group of winemakers the vineyards and cellar of Bouchon.

Revelation Wine and Revelation Brand in Descorchados 2016

Excellent results obtained in Guía Descorchados 2016, the most recognized wine ranking in Chile, also published in Brazil, Colombia and USA Patricio Tapia, its editor, is also critical and editor for the magazine Wine & Spirits of New York and Decanter in London.
Our recently launched País Salvaje 2015 (92 points) was chosen as "Revelation Wine 2016": a very unique wine from country grapes from wild vines (
In addition, Viña Bouchon was chosen the "Revelation brand of the Year" with its line "Canto", composed of two red blends: Canto Sur 2015 (93 points) and Canto Norte 2015 (92 points).
It was also recognized to 14 wines with more than 90 points, much of our portfolio, including 5 wines in the ranking of the best of its category. (Detail of scores in "Awards" section)
We are very happy with these recognitions and scores that join others obtained during the year.

Gold medal for J. Bouchon, Block Series, Malbec 2013 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2015 – UK

Our Block Series, Malbec 2013 was awarded a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2015 – UK. To this recognition are added outstanding silver medals awarded to Las Mercedes, Ensamblaje 2013 and Las Mercedes, Singular, Petit Verdot 2013 and silver Medal for J. Bouchon, 2012. Founded in 1969, the IWSC is considered the most prestigious and unique of its kind in the world, in which wines are tasted blindly by expert panels, selected from more than 300 judges of the industry fully qualified and experienced.

Decanter Magazine: Two Bouchon wines among the 50 best under £13.00

Canto Sur 2014 and Cabernet Sauvignon Block Series 2012 (previously awarded by Decanter WORLD Wine Awards with gold and silver medal, respectively), were selected by Decanter magazine among the 50 Best wines from South America under the £13.00.

Viña Bouchon organizes design competition for País Salvaje label

Viña Bouchon, together with the school of Design of the Catholic University and Chile design, invited students and professionals to design the label for the first harvest of País Salvaje wine, a natural wine made with wild vines, never planted by man, which have grown freely in the hills and ravines of the estate, coastal rainfed of Maule. The results of the contest will be published on the website on September 16th. Thank you very much to everyone who participated! And enjoy this wine that will be officially launched in the month of October wearing the winning label!

Gold medal for Las Mercedes Singular Semillon 2014 in Catad'or Santiago 2015

Las Mercedes, Singular, Semillon, Harvest 2014, from vineyards grapes over 70 years in the coastal rainfed Maulino, was awarded with gold Medal for the prestigious competition Catad'Or Santiago de Chile Wine Awards. This competition, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, evaluates Chilean wines with a tasting panel made up of a rigorously selected international jury. This year also the jury visited our vineyard in the "Tour taster".

Good scores in VINOUS 2015 (ex Stephen Tanzer's International wine cellar)

With an increase in the quality and diversity of Chile's wines, he titled his article Josh Raynolds, a renowned critic, after tasting wines from more than 60 national vineyards. Vinous, former Stephen Tanzer's International wine cellar, awarded this year very good scores to our wines; Canto Norte 2014 and Block Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 obtained 90 points and Canto Sur 2014 obtained 89 points.

Gold medal for Las Mercedes Singular Semillon 2014 in Catad'or Santiago 2015

Las Mercedes, Singular, Semillon, Harvest 2014, from vineyards grapes over 70 years in the coastal rainfed Maulino, was awarded with gold Medal for the prestigious competition Catad'Or Santiago de Chile Wine Awards. This competition, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, evaluates Chilean wines with a tasting panel made up of a rigorously selected international jury. This year also the jury visited our vineyard in the "Tour taster".

Micro Terroir Project

Bouchon is working with Pedro Parra in a micro terroir project, seeking to identify and work separately the best vineyards of the Fundo Mingre. Pedro is one of the most renowned experts in terroir, being chosen by Decanter magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in the world of the wine industry. It has a P. HD of the Institut National Agronomique de Paris Grignon and a magister of it. A advised for more than 15 years to vineyards in Chile, Argentina, Italy, Sonoma, Okanagan, Armenia, Uruguay and Burgundy, among others.

Gold medal for J. Bouchon, Canto Sur 2014 at Decanter-UK 2015

Our Canto Sur 2014, launched at the beginning of 2015 to the market, has been evaluated by the best wine professionals in the world at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2015, the world's widest competition, being awarded with gold medal. To this recognition is added a new medal for our J. Bouchon, Cabernet Sauvignon Block Series 2012, in this opportunity awarded with silver medal in the same contest.

Launch "Las Mercedes"

In an event held in Kitchen Club, with journalists and Somelliers, on March 11th, Julio, Juan and Maria Bouchon officially launched "Las Mercedes", the first wine project with its hallmark, which maintains the sense of family belonging to the rainfed Maule's coastal. Formed by an assembly and five wines of the Singular line, behind las Mercedes there is a clear intentionality that each variety expresses its place of origin. In addition, in its elaboration they return to the past, with the use of old vines, of rainfed, without irrigation.

Launch of "Canto Norte" and "Canto Sur"

Viña Bouchon launched "Canto Norte" and "Canto Sur", two innovative ensamblajes that are inspired by the wine history of the Bouchon family and its terroir of Maule and that are added to the portfolio of "J. Bouchon". The launch took place on January 6th in the Farm, located in the coastal dry area of the Maule Valley, attended by journalists and friends. Harvest 2014, Canto Norte is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, commemorating the arrival of French winemaker Emile Bouchon from Bordeaux in the nineteenth century to Chile. It is a fruity wine, well balanced, with a medium body and a prolonged finish, ideal to accompany hunting birds and stews. Also from the 2014, Canto Sur is a mixture Carménère, Carignan and country, which highlights the characteristic varieties of the terroir of Bouchon in the coastal rainfed of Maule. It is a fruity and juicy wine, which accompanies very well pasta with meat sauce and pastries.

Tim Atkin and the 92 points of Longaví, Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Tim Atkin, the renowned London journalist and Master of Wine, presented his tasting notes 92 points to Longaví, Sauvignon Blanc 2013. About the wine, which is produced with grapes from the Leyda Valley, Tim pointed out "This is a wine that is at high altitude in its pre-release. Creamy, with goosberry and Nettley fruit, lots of texture and acidity and a long and elegant tropical finish with a touch of sweetness. "
Longaví is a joint venture between Viña Bouchon and the South African Cederberg Winery, by winemaker David Nieuwoudt. In addition to its Sauvignon blanc, the Longaví project is placing in the market a Pinot noir, also with grapes from the coastal valley of Leyda, and a Cabernet sauvignon, with grapes from the Maule Valley, to be launched at the end of 2015

Descorchados 2015: Great scores for Bouchon wines

Viña Bouchon had a consistent and high score in Descorchados 2015, Chile's most renowned wine guide, by journalist Patricio Tapia, who is also a critic and editor for the Wine & Spirits magazine in New York.
Among the scores obtained by Bouchon, J. Bouchon wines obtained 92 points Cabernet sauvignon Block Series 2012, 91 points Malbec Block Series 2012, 91 points red blend Canto Sur 2014, 91 points icon wine Mingre 2011 and 90 points red blend Canto Norte 2014. The wines from Longaví, the joint venture between Bouchon and South African winery Cederberg, obtained 91 points Sauvignon blanc 2014 and 90 points Pinot noir 2013.Longaví is a joint venture between Viña Bouchon and South African winery Cederberg, led by winemaker David Nieuwoudt. In addition to its Sauvignon blanc, the Longaví project is launching a Pinot noir, also with grapes from the coastal Leyda Valley, and a Cabernet sauvignon, with grapes from the Maule Valley, to be released at the end of 2015.

Viña Bouchon presents New image

After months of work of the winemaking and marketing team, Viña Bouchon officially presented on September 3 its new image and portfolio, at a busy event at the Polo Club San Cristóbal, attended by sommeliers, food critics, personalities Of the wine industry, as well as restaurant owners, journalists and friends of the vineyard. The occasion also tasted the new harvest of its wines. The new image of the winery is now grouped under the name of "Bouchon Family wines". Within the new portfolio is the brand J. Bouchon, with its reserve lines, the re-named Block Series and its icon wine Mingre, as well as Longaví, part of a recent joint venture with the South African Cederberg Vineyard, to which will be added a new line of wines Premium, which will be released soon. (To see a video of the event click here)
(to continue reading click here)Along with Felipe's arrival, the renowned South African winemaker David Nieuwoudt, with whom the Bouchon Family is developing the Longaví project in parallel, joined the team as an advisor. David has been dedicated to winemaking for more than twenty years, and his wines have received several awards from the English magazine Decanter and other prestigious publications worldwide.

J. Bouchon Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 gets 90 points at Robert Parker´s Wine Advocate

Once again, the American publication Robert Parker´s Wine Advocate, one of the most recognized in the world, rewards the quality and excellence of J. Bouchon Wines.
This time, he awarded 90 points to our Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. Wine made from specially selected grapes from barracks of less than two hectares, to deliver a unique wine that expresses its place of origin. It is fresh and at the same time complex, with soft and elegant tannins, in which the ageing in wood is always made preserving the fruit.
They were also awarded, our icon Wine Mingre, Harvest 2009 with 88 points and the wines Canto Norte 2012 and Canto Sur 2012, with 88 and 86 points, respectively.

They launch Sauvignon Blanc from Joint Venture between Bouchon and the South African vineyard Cedeberg

Viña Bouchon, with a family trajectory of more than a century elaborating wines with a distinctive seal, adds a new milestone to its history and to that of the national wine industry.
The vineyard joins Cederberg, one of the most prestigious South African wineries in the international context, and launches Longaví Sauvignon Blanc 2013, the first fruit of a three-year work, led by Julio Bouchon and David Nieuwoudt, the best South African winemaker 2013.
Sauvignon Blanc Longaví is elaborated with selected grapes from the Leyda Valley and winemaking in the Bouchon wineries, in a very limited production of 5000 bottles.
Bright greenish yellow color and intense nose with herbaceous aromas, white flowers, asparagus, tomato leaf and yellow pepper. In the mouth it is fresh, with crisp acidity and with the mineral character and freshness of the Leyda valley.
Longaví Sauvignon Blanc 2013 is the beginning of a medium-term project, to which two new varieties will be added, a Pinot Noir with grapes from the Leyda Valley and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Maule. (to continue reading click here)Along with Felipe's arrival, the renowned South African winemaker David Nieuwoudt, with whom the Bouchon Family is developing the Longaví project in parallel, has joined the team as an advisor. David has been involved in winemaking for more than twenty years, and his wines have received several awards from the English magazine Decanter and other prestigious publications worldwide.

Family Bouchon is reorganized to enhance its win project

The arrival of members of the family in positions in the administration of Viña J. Bouchon, a joint venture with a South African firm and the construction of a boutique hotel are some of the group's plans.
In the vineyard J. Bouchon stands out the entry of Juan José Bouchon to the general management. This after his passage by the Ministry of Economy during the government of Sebastián Piñera where he was deputy Director of the Office of Competitiveness and Chief of Staff of the former minister Félix de Vicente.
His brother Julio, while assuming the executive direction of the vineyard. Both are part of the fourth generation family that works in viticulture in France and Chile. They are also children, together with Maria Ignacia, of Julio Antonio Bouchon, the president of the company.
The vineyard, which has about 300 hectares planted, most of them in Maule and a fraction in San Fernando, reinforced its commercial area with new equipment and is working on the relaunch of the brand, with an innovative image.