Mingre is pure elegance. A blend in which each grape variety contributes unique elements that achieve complexity and balance. It is sourced from grapes from specially selected blocks of the Mingre estate. We produce it with dedication and care, with hand-picked grapes and very low yields of 4,000 kilos per hectare. After fermentation, the wine is aged for 18 to 24 months in French oak barrels.


Granito is a micro-terroir in a granitic soil of more than 120 million years old. They are old vines with deep roots. Is minerality expressed in the bottle. A balance marked by the acidity and lenght. It is Maule’s Dry land area, past and present of our wine-growing heritage. Granito is Bouchon at its best.


Vigno -Vignadores de Carignan- is a collective brand and an association of vintners which want to produce wines from Carignan vines, under some rules of D.O. The essence of Vigno is to preserve Maule Dry land head-trained Carignan which is dry farmed, 100% dependent on annual rainfall.


The J. Bouchon Block Series is all about terroir. Each wine in this collection starts from carefully selected grapes from parcels of less than two hectares in an effort to capture the essence of its origins. We work our vines lovingly, harvesting small batches no larger than 8,000 kilos per hectare in order to maintain a higher concentration of color and structure.


This blend of Carménère, Carignan and País (mission grape), which are all very characteristic varietals of the interior dry lands of the Maule Valley, is made with grapes from our Santa Rosa and Mingre estates. Canto Sur is juicy and fruit-forward. This wine has not been barrel-aged in order to let the unadulterated expression of our Maule grapes shine through.


J. Bouchon Reserva was conceived to capture the essence of the Maule Valley with expressive, pleasant wines. This line is produced using select grapes from our vineyards at Santa Rosa.


Bouchon Extra Brut is made with grapes of the varieties País and Cinsault, coming from unirrigated old vines, from the interior drylands of the Maule and Itata valleys. These centenary varieties rescue the tradition and history of the small winegrowers of the south of Chile.


Skin is a wine with character, a lot of character. The wine was fermented and then aged for 12 months, with its skins, in a 700-litre clay amphora, which provided micro-oxygenation and complexity. I use native yeasts, no additives, no fining and no filtration. Skin has a great structure and saline aftertaste.


País Salvaje is made with País grapes that come from wild vines that grew freely among the wild flora of the Mingre estate in Viña Bouchon, in the Dry land area of Maule. These wild vines have never had any human intervention; they grew and climbed among the native species that abound in the ravines and hills, such as the mosqueta, the peumo and the quillay. Their grapes represent the purest expression of organic and sustainable growth. The harvest takes place in the last week of April and must be done using ladders, picking bunches up to five meters high.


País Viejo is a wine made with País grapes from old vines in the dry land of Maule. País is Chile's living heritage. The País grape variety arrived in our country in the 16th century. It is a red, rustic, very resistant grape variety that is grown on its head, without wires, growing freely. An honest wine that rescues Chile's past.