Vigno: 14 vineyards, one brand

Vigno is a trade association, which was born from the joint work of winemakers from the central zone of Chile; Maule Valley and today it is conformed by a total of 14 wineries. Its main objective is to rescue of the heritage of the ancient vines of Carignan and their traditions, consolidating itself as a collective private brand. 

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Vigno, a collective pride

The Vigno wineries’ promise is to incentivize the elaboration of wines made with Carignan, motivating the selling and purchase of grapes at a fair price, and positively impacting the Carignan producers in the dry-farmed secano Maule Valley, while meeting a series of self-imposed rules and certain norms for a denominación de origen controlado (DOC), becoming the very first private Chilean DOC.

The name: VIGNO

Vino + G: The letter G corresponds to the G in Carignan, added to the Spanish word for wine, vino, resulting in the word VIGNO, and pronounced like VIÑO.

Vigno’s Objectives

One of the principal objectives of Vigno is to rescue the old-vine Carignan in Maule that grows without irrigation, only water from the rain, and produces wines with great acidity, reflecting the territory where they come from.

Rules to follow to be a Vigno wine

As previously mentioned, certain characteristics must be met to produce a wine under the Vigno name, among them:

  • The product must have a minimum of 85% of the Carignan stock.
  • The grapes for the production of this wine must come from vineyards without irrigation and with more than 30 years old, located in the coastal drylands of Maule, from the south bank of the river Loncomilla to the coast of Maule, past Cauquenes to the south. 
  • The remaining blend of wine if it is not 100% Carignan, must come from the same area and be vines over 30 years old. These vines can be grafted.
  • The wine must remain in the cellar/bottle for at least 2 years before being marketed.
  • The driving system of the vines must be at the head.

Vigno’s influence in the industry

From the beginning, Vigno was motivated to buy Carignan grapes from Maule’s secano generating a positive impact for the producers, who have benefitted from the increasing price for their fruit, and whose value has augmented ten-fold in the last few years. It’s worth noting that these producers are not large agricultural companies, but representatives of small agricultural producers.